Need any routers, switches, servers, storage, IP Phones, bts, bsc ,antennas, splitters, transceivers, etc..?

  • we have a wide range of new, refurbished and used IT-products at competitive prices.
  • we help you find eol/discontinued/obsolete parts
  • we offer solutions for your network and telecom infrastructure, to meet the specific needs of your projects.

To meet any request from our customers, we will find the best partners to perfectly meet the specificities of your needs. Everything is implemented according to the country, the speed, the cost, the product, the study as the solution to provide, to alleviate your constraints and assist you in the realization of your project. We committ to meet all the technological needs of a company or an administration, by sector, in order to stick better to the necessities and to the budget defined by its interlocutors. This, in all our areas of expertise: study of network and IT solutions, provision of hardware, licenses, management of warranties or maintenance, highly secure data backups, cloud management...


The IT business moves fast. Business growth is the scope of our expansion overseas and the consolidation of our existing products and solutions. New partnerships will be made and will allow the extension of our services, while strengthening current activities